The thesaurus, along with descriptors and links, set the internal navigation of the knowledge generated to itself and to the outside: task, indexed. It is a philosophy of hyperlinks through concepts and terms with the aim of not to stop growing and communicating. The thesaurus opens a business to create, essential for establishing the basis for the future work: a discussion of terminology from a cultural and historical perspective. The terms hidden nuances and positions that we may show. An inevitable conceptual discussion.

The French tradition of complex study of the territory and the city, as well as the cultural diversity of concepts relating to space, property, or forms of organization and management, offers a range of terms that require analysis for their understanding. One of the objectives of the design of this tool is to discuss and build a common language of work on urban planning and architecture of the colonial period. The contents of this research project, inevitably overflows its continent, and permeates the town and country precolonial tradition and also the contemporary developments in the city.

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