Tetouan, 1912-1956 MODERN CHALLENGE is the first result of a multidisciplinary approach to the processes of urban transformation and the need for housing, which occurred during the Colonial period in the North of Morocco, from the Architecture, Planning, Geography, History and Politics.

The general structure of this project is inserted under the grant program for research in housing and architecture of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing of the Government of Andalusia (Spain)-order grant of 16 November 2009 (BOJA No. 235 of December 2, 2009, Seville), and likewise, with the collaboration of other institutions such as the National School of Architecture or the Instituto Cervantes of Tetouan, among others.

The Directorate General of the Research as well as the  Methodological Design and Editorial Coordination is carried out by Alejandro Muchada Suarez.

Contact: Alejandro Suarez Muchada | amuchada@gmail.com | desafiomoderno@gmail.com | +34 660 36 09 02

Participants of the first stage of the technical research, and the authors of texts generated in publication were:

Mimoun Aziza, Dr. historian, Spanish scholar, professor at the University of Meknes. His contribution focuses on cities and urban management in the area of Spanish protectorate of Morocco.

Mohammed Ben Attou, Dr. geographer and urban planner, specializing in northern Morocco, professor at the University of Agadir. His work deals with colonial Larache and Tetouan, from the perspective of modern architecture and construction planning.

Taha Bouhassoun, private architect in Tetouan, PhD from the School of Architecture in Brussels, specializing in the medina and urban developments. His research focuses on the comparison of the historical and the modern city, and the mechanisms governing the evolution of the spatial system of the northern cities of Morocco.

Hakim Cherkaoui, architect, director of the National School of Architecture of Tetuan, specializing in housing production. Presents a comparative study carried out for Moroccan houses in the colonial period.

Plácido González Martínez, Dr. architect, professor of History of Architecture at the Technical University of Architecture of Seville and technical responsible for the architecture of the twentieth century in the Andalusian Historical Heritage Institute. His work focuses on community building on the urban periphery in the twentieth century, and the experimentation that involves Morocco  about Western history.

Alejandro Muchada Suarez, architect, master in social and educational interventions, university expert in cultural diversity management. Project Coordinator. His work focuses on understanding the complex issue of social housing in the colonial period

Mohammed Said Sary, delegate, architect, and Abdelali Abziz, head of the habitat service, engineer, both of the Delegation of the Ministry of Habitat, Urbanism and Spatial Planning of Larache. Both, in a team, have worked on social housing produced by public authorities in Larache during the colonial period.

In the audiovisual Méthodologie de recherche. Tétouan et le defi de la modernité have also participated: Mohammed Anakar, Pierre Colboc, Francisco Mena, Almudena Quintana and Najlae Chairich

In the audiovisual El Barrio Malaga. An identity on the margins of history have participated: Allalal Ahmed Mohammed Anakar and Francisco Mena.

The editorial concept and strategic direction as well as Art Direction, Graphic Design and Photo Editing has been in charge of Angel Gonzalez Twelve.

Contact: Angel Gonzalez Twelve | a.doce@hotmail.com | +34 693 77 06 60

The realization and postproduction of audiovisual: Tetouan et le defi de la Modernité and El Barrio Malaga, and photographic production for the Catalogue of VPO has been carried out by Patrick Musalem Naser.

Contact: Patrick Musalem | patomusalem@hotmail.com | +34 655 30 52 28

The original music for audiovisual Tétouan et le defi de la Modernité and El Barrio Malaga  by Francisco Ramírez Calderón

Contact: Francisco Ramirez Calderon | | +34 677 71 0238

The audiovisual production and post production: Tetouan and the revolution of modernity (context) by Roberto Lozano

Contact: Roberto Lozano | robe_kira@hotmail.com | +34 675 80 60 68

The correction, editing and translation Spanish-English, were taken by Alejandro Muchada Suarez and José María Salleras De Retegui.

First of all, we would like to thank to all the institutions that have supported the project in any of its forms, as for example the Junta de Andalucía through the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, the National School of Architecture of Tetuan, the Regional Ministry of Culture of the Kingdom of Morocco (Tangier-Tetouan), Vicente Aleixandre’s Library of the Instituto Cervantes of Tetuan and all the agencies that has made possible the access to the majority of the documentary sources of this research.

Secondly, we thank to the participants of the research team for their high involvement throughout the entire work process and finally to all those who in one way or another have facilitated the achievement of the goals.

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